Sunday, October 08, 2006

Technology Supports Curriculum

I get it that technology is not to be taught in isolation but as a media in which to construct meaning for the learner. However, I often get caught up in learning new tech tools that I have to remember that I am learning them to use to educate. Because I now work with helping teacher integrate technology into their classrooms, I am struggling with how much I am teaching the teachers to communicate through e-mail, their SharePoint websites, and teacher productivity tools instead of understanding the educational value that technology tools offer. Don't get me wrong, I do teach both ways but feel sometimes I feel that I am wasting my time teaching how to create a table in word, etc. Most of our 300 teachers are so behind the learning curve because they see technology as another program to add to their busy schedule. We are bombarding them with technology that they do not understand nor really want. How do you cultivate an eagerness to learn? We conduct one on one training, small group training, large group presentations, weekly newsletters full of information, and multiple conversations. However, only a small group of teachers are interested and seeking more information. The loudest group is the ones that don't even want to hear what we have to say. I'll admit. It gets hard standing in front of a group of teachers who could care less what you have to saw. They will not change because they don't see anything wrong with continuing to teach the way they have for the past 10 years. It frustrates me and makes me fight for the rights of those children in their rooms. I have worked hard to become a teacher leader but am still learning. I get passionate about the use of technology to the point that I get so mad at teachers who simple tune me out. My hands shake with my frustration and I think about it for days. Aghh! I feel that I want to concentrate only on those teachers who are interested in learning but then I can't leave others out because it is really the students who would suffer. Any advice?