Sunday, September 10, 2006

A New Year, A New Job

The 06-07 school year has begun with me in my new position, District Technology Integration Specialist, for a school system with 4 schools, 300 teachers, and a little over 4,000 students. I worked some over the summer to try to get my feet wet before the full force of the school year began. I conducted Tech. Tuesday classes on Teacher Productivity Tools and Social Networking Tools. There was not an overwellimg response to the workshops, however, at least 3 people attended each Tuesday. These were great because I was able to form relationships with people I had worked with at my old school and those I would come to work with in the future. Also, I created digital handouts which I posted on May the Tech Be With You (wikispaces) for each session I taught. This has helped me tremendously as I re-teach these classes to interested teachers this year. The teachers like the idea that the handouts are online but they still wanted them printed out infront of them. I attended conducting a lesson where they would use split screens to work. They stressed out big time! Everyone that came to a session would get a brief lesson on what a wiki is and how to use it. Unfortunately, no one has actually used the wiki except to retrieve information. I have included questions on all the handouts to entice teachers to "edit this page" to add their ideas, thoughts, questions, examples, etc. I am very fortunate that I am able to freely go into schools to set up one on one training, small group training throughout the day, and after school sessions. I am enjoying my job! I knew I could help teachers with technology integration and am grateful for the opportunity. Also, Shawn, my boss, is pushing me beyond my comfort zone by helping produce a weekly publication called The Geeky Weekly with articles, tips, directions, quotes, questions, etc. I never viewed myself as a writer that someone would want to read. With Shawn and John Norton, Alabama Best Practice Center 21st Century Team, guidance I am joining the realm of writer. Thanks!

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