Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hooked on Twitter Chats Again

This week, I was gently pushed back into a resource I used a few years ago that made a great impact on my learning and resources to share with others – Twitter Chats.  A twitter chat is a common time weekly, monthly, or whenever scheduled that people with common interests meeting online.  There is a facilitator or two who asks questions and others respond all within Twitter.  Here is a short video about Twitter Chat.  The first time I participated I was extremely overwhelmed with everyone tweeting at once, but have since discovered TweetChat that lets you get control of the chat.  I got so many ideas and added people to my network to learn from by following them on Twitter and face to face as the chat I participated in on Monday was about Alabama Education, #Aledchat.  Below is a list of other live, regularly scheduled Twitter chats that you might be interested.  I have not attended all of these, but have found them through recommendations online.  The chats are 1 hour.

Every Monday @ 9:00 PM - #Aledchat, variety of topics that Alabama educations want to talk about
Second Monday @ 7:00 PM - #TLChat, Teacher-Librarian
Fourth Monday @ 7:00 PM - #TLNewNight, Teacher- Librarian News Night Chat
Every Monday @ 7:00 PM - #EdTechChat, Educational Technology Chat
Every Monday @ 7:00 PM - #CollabED, Collaborative Education Chat: Sharing and Learning Together
Every Monday @ 7:00 PM - #musedchat, Music Teachers Chat
Every Monday @ 7:30 PM - #PSCchat, Principal-School Counselor Chat

Every Tuesday @ 5:00 PM - #MakerED, Maker Education Chat
Every Tuesday @ 7:00 PM - #PBLChat, Project-Based Learning Chat
Every Tuesday @ 7:00 PM - #2ndaryELA, ELA char for Grades 7-12 teachers
First Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM - #ASCDL2L, ASCD Leader to Leader Chat
Every Tuesday @ 8:00 PM - #gafechat, Google Apps for Education Chat
Every Tuesday @ 8:00 PM - #spedchat, Special Education Chat

Every Wednesday @ 3:00 PM - #EduCoach, Eudcational Coaching Chat
Every Wednesday @ 10: AM - #specialedchat, Special Education Chat
Every Wednesday @ 7:00 PM - #atchat, Assistive Technologies Chat
Every Wednesday @ 7:00 - #BigBeacon, Engineering and STEM Education Chat
First and Third Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM - #ntchat, New Teachers Chat
Every Wednesday @ 7:00 PM - #suptchat, Superintendent’s Chat

Every Thursday @ 8:00 PM - #Flipped PD, Flipping Professional Development
First Thursdays @ 8:00 PM - #geniushour, Genius Hour Chat

Every Friday @ 10:00 AM - #EdBookTalk, Educational Book Chat
Every Friday @ 6:00 PM - #gtchat, Gifted and Talented Chat

Every Sunday @ 7:00 PM - #apchat, Assistant Principal’s Chat

Want to find out if there is a chat for say 4th grade math teachers or Physics teachers?  Just Google it.

The learning doesn’t end when the Twitter chat is over, stay connected by following those who have interesting things to say and share to view later on Twitter.  Here is a screenshot of my Tweetdeck that I use to view who I follow and three specific hashtags - #aledchat, @altechcoach and #hourofcode.

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